What type of eyebrows best suit your face shape?

Updated: Aug 25, 2020

The shape, position and colour of your brows can make a tremendous difference to your overall look, even if it’s just by a single stroke or millimeter. When done right, eyebrows can be an asset that naturally highlight your best features – such as a pair of beautiful eyes – and can even play a large part in influencing your facial proportions.

Unless you undergo extensive cosmetic surgery or go through extreme weight changes there is little to be done about your face shape, but here’s how you can make your eyebrows work to your advantage.

Round: Those with wide cheeks and soft jawlines will want to make their faces appear longer. This can be achieved with eyebrows that are angular and highly arched. These tend to draw more attention more immediately, creating the impression of a more elongated face at first glance. Avoid curved brows as they will make the face look even rounder.

Square: Angular faces will tend to appear ‘boxy’ or ‘square’ because the jawline, cheekbones and temples are more or less of the same width. In this case, the goal is to ‘soften’ his or her look to balance out the angles of a square face. Gently curved eyebrows are recommended rather than high or sharp-angled brows, as the former will complement a square facial frame with more delicate features.

Heart: With a steep jawline tapering downward, the forehead and/or chin may look rather prominent as a result. Those with longer heart-shaped faces may opt for a rounded brow with a low arch for a natural look to balance off a pointy chin, while higher yet gently-curved arches will add length to shorter heart-shaped faces for a feminine yet dramatic look.

Long: To balance out the rest of an elongated face, flat, neat eyebrows are recommended to create an optical illusion of a shorter length. On the other hand, arched or sharply-angled eyebrows would make your face look even longer by drawing attention to the chin.

Diamond: Like the precious stone itself, this face shape is rare yet considered highly attractive. However, choosing brows for this face shape can be tricky as it is widest at the temples or cheekbones, and most narrow at the hairline and chin. Diamond-faced people should go for thicker, slightly-curved brows that lessen the angularity of their fra