Things you need to know "After" Embroidery.

Updated: Aug 15, 2020

Don’t Panic, Its Normal!

Day 1

“Oh my I have perfect brows/hairline now, but they are so dark and thick! Am I going to look like this forever?”

The strokes look harsh, and the brows look dark. You are worried that you have made the wrong decision to get your brows/hairline done. You wish to undo time and remove those brows/hairline!
Calm down, be patient, and do not try to do anything to remove them. Everyone who has their eyebrows/hairline done has been through this stage. You are just not used to the sudden change on your face. It is perfectly normal to feel this way and trust me when I say this is not the final result. Freshly done brows/hairline will always look 50% darker than the final result. — Gentle Cactus

After the treatment

“Why do I start to feel sore on my brows/hairline?!”

Microblading is a technique done manually with a blade that is made of micro-needles that are incredibly fine to create little pigment cuts. The numbing helps to prevent discomfort during the treatment, but you will start to feel a little discomfortable when the numbing starts to wear off. It is not possible to not feel any pain when you have so many cuts on your skin. :) — Gentle Cactus

Day 2 to 4

“Oh dear, why are they getting darker each day! Please make it stop!”

Another moment that everyone will go through as your skin is healing and the epithelial crust starts to form, which makes it looks generally darker than before. This is part of the healing process and its perfectly normal. — Gentle Cactus

Day 5 to 7

“It's very itchy, and they are scabbing off!”

Bare with it; you are almost there! Once all the epithelial crust is formed, you have reached the scabbing stage. You might feel a little itchy, and it is tempting to pull it all off!
Scratching it off will result in pulling the pigment out as well, so let it drop off naturally by itself. — Gentle Cactus

Day 8 to 10

“Phew! All the scabs are finally gone, and now the pigment is a little light!”

See! what did I tell you on the first day? :)
It is normal for the fresh wound to look slightly lighter, and it takes at least a week for the pigment to show fully. — Gentle Cactus

Day 14 to 28

“I love my brows/hairline! Best decision ever.”