Results of Microblading on different types of skin.

The type of skin plays an important role when it comes to microblading. It plays a significant effect in how your microblading will heal and how long it will last. Skin sensitivity is also an essential factor and will affect hugely affect the results as well. Therefore, it is crucial to understand your client's skin before accepting or working on them.


Normal skin types are not prone to breakouts, and the t-zone stays hydrated.

The normal skin type will heal very evenly, and the color will last the average length of time. You can expect to go 1.5 to 3 years before a touchup becomes necessary.

Characteristic :

Clear, smooth, and t-zone stays hydrated. No breakouts.

Working Technique :

Extremely easy to work on and microblade creates strokes easily on the skin. The pigment stays on well and clear.

After 1 month / Full recovery :

Heals evenly. 85-95% of the pigment will stay, and only minimal touchup is needed.

Duration of Pigment :

Usually 1.5 to 3 years before a touchup is needed



Clients with sensitive skin will know that they have sensitive skin. If they are unsure, then they probably do not have sensitive skin.

We've added this category because this skin type does heal differently than others. For example, someone with sensitivity may experience slight redness that can last 1-2 days. They may also experience slight swelling on the day of the procedure, which is not typical for different skin types. Those who have thinner skin may bleed easily, causing pigment not to retain on well.

Characteristics :

Skin is easily irritated and turns red, itchy, or break out easily.

Working Technique :

Extremely gentle & light as they tend to bleed easily. You might have to go over a few times for the pigment to stay.

After 1 month / Full recovery :