Frequently Asked Questions

The client has short lashes. Can I still do the lash lift?

Lashes have to be at least 4mm long for the treatment to be done.

How long does the lift last?

Keratin Lash Lift: 4-8 weeks

Can the client still apply mascara after that?

Yes, but after 24 hours.

Can they rub my eyes?

Yes, but not too frequent as it will mess up the curl, especially for weaker lashes.

Why is one side of the lashes much lifted than the other?

  • Uneven eyelids/lash-line.

Check if both sides of the eyes are similar if one has a heavier eyelid or more hidden lash line than the other. Uneven eyes will also result in uneven curl.

  • Inconsistent application of solutions.

Solution application may not be consistent for both sides of lashes. Also, ensure that the glue application is not too thick and prevent the lashes from absorbing the solutions.

  • The duration of lifting solutions on each eye is different.

Timing for solutions being left on the lashes is very crucial, and it should be exact. It should not be more or less than the precise timing of both eyes. 

  • Stronger lashes on one eye.

Rarely but sometimes, the client may have stronger lashes on one eye than the other.

  • The Silicon rod is placed differently on both eyes.

Always ensure both silicon rods are positioned the same on both eyes.