Frequently Asked Questions

Updated: Aug 15, 2020

Is it painful? 

There will be anesthetic creams used to minimize the pain level. The only discomfort you might feel is when more anesthetic is applied to the treated area. It may sting a little bit for a couple of minutes before its completely numb again. You are encouraged to notify the artist if you experience any pain, and more anesthetic will be applied.

Gentle Cactus strives to provide a relaxing experience, especially for the first-timer, and most of our clients fall asleep during the treatment. You are advised to avoid having your appointment booked during your menstruation period as your skin tends to be slightly more sensitive than usual. However, you may start to feel sore after the treatment when the anesthetic wears off for a day or two. 

Will the embroidery change color? 

The pigment used will eventually fade off to grey, which is similar to our natural Asian brows color. It will not turn red, orange, purple, blue, or green. The pigment used is 100% vegan & cruelty-free.

How long does it last? 

It generally lasts for 1.5 to 2 years for normal skin and six months to 1 year for oily skin. If well taken care of, embroidery can last 2–3 years.

What happens if I have the previous pigment? 

If the last embroidery eyebrow has faded and is both balanced and not significantly out of shape, a Browfix can cover up the old pigment. If previous eyebrow embroidery is significantly unbalanced or still quite dark, removal will be recommended before doing a new one.

Will the skin be swollen or red after the treatment? 

Depending on individual skin, you might experience slight swell and redness if you have hypersensitive skin, which will be gone after a day.

Will my brows look very dark after the treatment? 

It will look 50% darker than the final results. You can check out the pictures from the @gentle_cactus Instagram account for images shot right after the procedure.

Is a touch up required? 

A touch-up is not necessary if you have healthy skin and carefully follow the aftercare instructions. Touch up is only needed when pigment does not retain well in the skin or aftercare instructions are not followed accordingly. Touch up should be done after four weeks and not more than six weeks after the treatment.