After Care for Hairline Embroidery

Aftercare is critical, and it is one of the essential factors for a successful treatment. The rest of the factor includes skin quality, post-treatment flow & exposure to different external factors. All of these factors are out of the artist’s control, so any possibility to provide guarantees for the treatment is not possible.

Heavy alcohol use can slow healing and increase the risk of infection and complications after treatment. Smoking can also delay healing after treatment.

Day 1 Clean Clean Clean

Clean the hairline area with (Cotton pad & water /Nonalcoholic zappy antiseptic wipes) to remove all the lymph. The first cleaning will be 30 minutes after the treatment and subsequently every 1-2 hours for the rest of the day. Clean more frequently if you are working in a dusty environment (Interior Designer, Nail Artist, Baker, etc.). 

Method of cleaning: Wiping

Note : Avoid scrubbing the area when washing your hair

Day 2-4 Clean Clean Clean

Maintain hygiene, clean the area with cotton pad & warm water first thing in the morning to remove any lymph that may have dried up throughout the night. Repeat when needed. Gently clean the area with (Cotton pad & water /Nonalcoholic zappy antiseptic wipes) 2–3 times for the rest of the day.

Method of cleaning: Wiping

Day 5–7 Do not scratch!

Epithelial crust starts to form; skin might feel a little tight and itchy. Apply aftercare cream if it starts to feel dry and itchy. If cleaning is needed, gently dap the area with (Cotton pad & water). 

Method of cleaning: Dapping

Process of applying cream: Dapping