5 must-have beauty gifts for the holidays

Updated: Dec 14, 2019

‘Tis the season for giving, and what better way to share the joy than through the gift of long-lasting – if not everlasting – beauty? With the year-end festivities just around the corner, it is all the more crucial to ensure you are looking party- and picture-perfect at all times.

Gift these fabu-lash, hair-tastic and brow-tiful treats to your loved ones for Christmas, and they’ll be thanking you over the months to come!

1. For your beauty arsenal: Keratin Lash Serum ($69)

Our go-to grooming essential for thicker, healthier and longer natural lashes is now available for purchase @ Gentle Cactus and comes with free shipping for those who order from us online. This revolutionary lash serum imported from Korea conditions and maintains your lashes while giving them a natural ‘wet’ look – serving as a replacement for your daily mascara routine, and a definite must-have for any beauty lover’s stash.

2. A gorgeous gaze: Keratin Lash Lift ($89 for Lash Lift, $99 for Lash Lift & Tint)

What’s better than lash extensions? While the effects are not as dramatic, giving your natural lashes a mini-perm and mascara-like tint means you’ll always be selfie/wefie-ready without having to deal with clumped/dropping lashes, runny makeup and of course, the hassle of having to use the traditional hand-operated eyelash curling device. A single Keratin Lash Lift / Keratin Lash Lift & Tint session will frame your eyes with darker, C- or J-curl n lashes that'll stay perfectly in place for weeks: enough to you last you through the Christmas and New Year parties, and more! Click here for the full list of lash services available at Gentle Cactus.

3. A fuller head of hair: Hair Rapunza (From SGD $200 for 1.5 hours)

Receding or prominent hairlines as well as thin, limp hair are some woes that are almost certain to plague both men and women at different stages of their lives, especially in the heat and humidity of Singapore where hair fall is a common problem. Our newest, revolutionary Hair Rapunza service instantly solves this problem. Similar to hair extensions but way more durable and convenient, this process involves attaching individual strands of synthetic hair to your natural ones, resulting in a more voluptuous volume of hair where it’s needed. Click here to book your appointment!

4. Picture-perfect brows that last ($680 and up)

Never spend money on eyebrow pencils again, nor worry about bad brow days due to overdrawn or underdrawn brows. A beautifully shaped, coloured and maintained set of brows could possibly be the best beauty investment you will ever make, and we make sure you get them done right with a full range of services depending on your individual needs. Click here to discover what type of brow solutions works best for you.

5. The gift of learning: Lash Lift/Hair Rapunza courses ($580)

Like Oprah Winfrey once said, life is a journey of learning to love yourself first – and then extending that love to others. Picking up a new life skill or hobby is one of the most practical and fulfilling experiences one could ever have. At the Gentle Cactus Academy, we teach even inexperienced and even the most seasoned makeup junkie a thing or two, and provide the relevant certifications in the event should you wish to venture into the beauty business with your newfound skills.


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